Tibetan healing therapies

Natural techniques to enhance your health and well-being

Kum Nye with Hor-Me

In this bespoke treatment specific rLung (wind) points are gently being massaged, pressed, rubbed with warm sesame oil and Tibetan healing herb sachets.

The Tibetan Medicine System is based on the understanding of the 3 body fluids or energies
rLung (wind), Beken (phlegm) and Trigpa (fire).

When they are in balance, healing can happen.

The rLung energy is comparable to our nervous system and is considered the most important energy in Tibetan medicine.

The effectiveness of the treatment is due to the warm, heavy quality of the oil which counteracts the cold and light quality of this rLung wind energy.


It is an ancient remedy agains sleeping disorders, anxiety, worries, depression and helps general stress reduction.

Kum Nye Face- and Neck Massage with Shells

In this bespoke treatment the most important rLung points on head, face, neck and chest area are being massaged with warm sesame oil and different kind of shells. These points have a direct connection to our nervous system.

According to Tibetan medicine, mother of pearl is the most effective

remedy in the treatment of neuralgia.

Core of this treatment is the neck. As it forms the connection between our heart and head we often find tension and blockages in this area.

Depending on the medical condition it is possible to work on additional meridians (energy lines).


Neck and shoulder pain

Back and hip pain (one of the most important meridians runs along the spine)

Sleeping disorders, anxiety, worries, depression and helps general stress reduction


Moxibustion is the application of smoke from glowing Tibetan healing herb sticks on rLung (wind) and Beken (phlegm) points. The heat produced by the ember eliminates coldness from the body, thus clearing stagnation and restoring a smooth energy and blood flow.


Spinal pain

ISG blockages

Poor metabolism




Yuk Chö

Yuk Chö works with a herb sachet or a wooden egg on a rattan stick massaging or taping certain areas or energy points to rebalance the energy flow in the channels. It can be used to get rid of blockages or for relaxation.