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⁓ Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche

Being at one with nature, benefiting from its healing effect and restorative energy, drawing strength from natural techniques and experiencing healing. I want to give you a greater understanding of therapies and techniques that are in common use by many cultures around the world.

Health and happiness for body and mind

Our physical health is deeply connected to our mental and emotional wellbeing. This inseparable unity of body and mind as well as a deep understanding of nature’s principles form the fondation of Tibetan medicine and thus for my work. of Tibetan medicine and thus for my work. With the help of natural healing methods and energy massage techniques I ease tension in the back and neck, insomnia, anxiety and depression.

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Anette Nyingje Hildebrandt – Tibetan Healing

About me

I discovered my passion for Far Eastern medicine such as acupuncture, massage and yoga after spending many years abroad, including in Japan and China. I developed a particular interest in Tibetan medicine, which subsequently became my passion. On my return to Switzerland, I underwent a great deal of training to learn about the natural techniques than can improve our physical and mental health.

Since November 2022, I have been using Tibetan medicine and other alternative healing methods to help people relax, ease their pain and start the healing process. Based in my home town of Kilchberg, Zurich, I am continuously educating myself and adding to my knowledge with help from various mentors.

One of the well-known experts from whom I have been privileged to learn is the renowned Doctor Tulku.

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