About me

I discovered my passion for Far Eastern medicine and alternative healing therapies such as acupuncture, massage and yoga after spending many years abroad, including in Japan and China. I developed a particular interest in Tibetan medicine, which subsequently became my passion. On my return to Switzerland, I underwent a great deal of training to learn about the natural techniques than can improve our physical and mental health.

Since November 2022, I have been using Tibetan medicine and other alternative healing methods to help people relax, ease their pain and start the healing process. Based in my home town of Kilchberg, Zurich, I am continuously educating myself and adding to my knowledge with help from various mentors.

One of the well-known experts from whom I have been privileged to learn is the renowned Doctor Tulku.


My training:

Master Tung acupuncture – Dr Sandi Suwanda

Light acupuncture – Dr Erhan Gökdag and Dr Michael Weber

Ear acupuncture – Dr Frank Bahr and Dr Christoph Scholtes

Japanese acupuncture – Dr Steve Birch

Acupuncture-oriented energy work – Dr Christian Thorp

Lu Jong, Tibetan healing yoga – Tulku Lobsang and Loten Dahortsang

Kum Nye massage – Loten Dahortsang and Elise Mandine

I feel a deep sense of gratitude to my teachers, especially Lama Tsültrim Allione and Elise Mandine.


German, English, French


Tara Mandala – www.taramandala.org
Sorig Khang France – www.sorig.fr
Tulku Lobsang – www.tulkulobsang.org
Tibet-Institut Rikon – www.tibet-institut.ch
Padma AG – www.padma.ch